At Liftique, we strive to obtain results that demonstrate visible levels of skin lifting, firming and tightening for each patient.  Prior to your procedure, our staff and physicians will discuss realistic expectations regarding your anticipated results and outcomes.  Since each patient responds differently to treatment, RESULTS WILL VARY from patient to patient.  


While Liftique cannot guarantee results, if the Liftique One-and-Done Premier Procedure is performed at a Liftique medical office or surgical center, a Liftique physician will evaluate your results and provide additional non-surgical and/or minimally-invasive skin tightening treatments at no charge to you, if you meet the following criteria:

  • At least 6 months have passed since your Liftique Procedure

  • You have scheduled an appointment to be examined by a Liftique Physician to review your results

  • No other surgical or non-surgical skin tightening procedures have been performed by a skin care aesthetic specialist or physician, other than by a Liftique Physician

  • You have not undergone any aesthetic and/or medical treatment that could adversely affect skin tightening

  • You have complied with and followed all post-operative care instructions and recommendations made by your Liftique Physician, including attending all post-procedure consultations and follow-up visits at a Liftique office

  • You have not been determined to be ineligible for a subsequent Liftique Procedure by a Liftique Physician for any medical reason including, but not limited to, failure to disclose relevant medical history and information, the appearance of a new medical condition, etc.

Your Liftique Physician will review and discuss your six-month post treatment photographs with you.  Your Liftique Physician's examination, along with the photographic before and after comparison, will determine your skin tightening results. 


The final decision regarding your medical eligibility for additional Liftique treatments will be made by a Liftique Physician in accordance with his or her professional medical judgment.  

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