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Look Younger Without Surgery


 Marla after just one Liftique treatment


Marla before her Liftique treatment

“I can’t believe the difference!”

Marla was 54, but felt decades older every time she saw her reflection in the mirror. "I just looked old and tired and sad and gloomy," she says. She didn't feel that way inside, but that's how she felt when she looked in the mirror.


She wanted to do something to regain a more youthful appearance, but she didn't want cosmetic surgery. She was intrigued when a friend told her about Liftique.


“I love how it’s not a surgery procedure,” Marla says. “I am so happy I went to Liftique and had it done. This is the best my skin has looked since I was 25… my skin is tighter, it feels more taut and I love that feeling. No more mushy!


“To see how my skin is generating its own collagen… it’s pretty amazing! It’s nice to know I still have that youth inside of me… every day I see it getting better and better and better.


“What I’d hoped for with the procedure is that it would tighten this area, but not like a facelift or anything like that… just make it more taut and youthful. Same with my neck. My neck was starting to get crepey, and I was seeing y mother’s neck in my neck which I didn’t want. After the procedure, it’s gone!


“Mentally, I am so young inside my head… and when I see myself in the mirror, and I see what Liftique has done, it matches. I’m so happy with the procedure, with what it’s done, because I look the way I feel. I look so much younger than I did five years ago. I look so much more rested than I did five year ago. I look so much happier than I did five years ago. It’s because of Liftique!”



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