Liftique Brightening Pads

Liftique Brightening Pads


Our unique Liftique Brightening Pads are compounded freshly for optimal potency. The convenient single-use pad is excellent for broad areas of application such as the face, chest, arms, legs and back. The lightweight vehicle is Fragrance-free and Preservative-Free.


  • How to Use

    First time, start MWF for a week until skin acclimates building up to daily use. Use sunscreen daily. May be used alone or paired with Brightening Creme for

    a robust skin refining and brightening regimen. When pairing, alternate Brightening Pads and Brightening Creme every other day.

  • What to Expect

    This is a treatment product that delivers instant and long-term benefits. The first few days you may notice your skin is rosy and may feel drier. This means it’s working! When you have drier days, add in Hyaluronic Creme or your favorite moisturizer. If you experience ongoing dry skin, take a break for a few days and moisturize. Start the Brightening Pads again and keep going! With regular use, the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture will diminish in 1-2 weeks. Results may very.

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