Woman-to-Woman: Meet Valentine

At age 59, Val wanted to refresh her appearance, but she didn't want a face lift and she was put off by the doctors she'd seen in the past. "I'd been wanting to do a little upkeep on myself, and I'd gone to several different doctors and didn't get a good rapport with them," she says.

Then she heard about Liftique on the radio and came in for a consultation with one of the Liftique doctors.

"I was very, very impressed because he wasn't a pushy doctor, he asked me what I wanted and what I was looking for, which others doctors didn't. They just wanted to do what they wanted to do."

Val was surprised by how painless the procedure was. But she's been even MORE surprised by the visible results. "At three months, I couldn't believe the difference in something that wasn't plastic surgery, she says. "The next three months were even more impressive... I still have six more months to see more and more improvements... It's like a Christmas gift everyday!"

"Liftique has given me a better version of myself...

I'm 59, and my skin has never looked better!"



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