Meryl Kern

 Founder and CEO of Liftique

When newlywed Meryl Kern was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she joined the more than 3.1 million women with a history of this cancer in the USA. Estrogen, a hormone that helps keep skin youthful, is often blocked in breast cancer survivors and it progressively diminishes in menopausal women. For Meryl, the loss of her sense of beauty and sexuality was particularly acute. 


Meryl wanted to create a unique one-stop holistic practice for women where they can receive support and solutions that are non-surgical, minimally invasive and as natural as possible in order to look radiant, feel confident and live well no matter what their age. The Liftique practice — Liftique Beauty, Liftique Body, and Liftique Blush – is the first and only integrated Plastic Surgery and Urogynecology practice in the USA. 

After undergoing multiple reconstructive surgeries, Meryl's focus is on non-surgical solutions to address concerns of all women living with courage, facing up to adversity and standing fearlessly together to celebrate our similarities as well as our differences. In our community, diversity is expected, self-expression is honored, all women are welcomed, and you are included.

Liftique’s recently FDA-approved RFAL technology, which rejuvenates collagen in the face and neck, is the only technology available that can be used below the skin, allowing the body to heal itself.  Published clinical studies of Liftique’s technology show a 35% to 50% tightening of skin surfaces and reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. 


As a breast cancer survivor who struggled with female medical conditions, Meryl was impassioned about helping end women’s silent suffering about these very intimate medical issues. Together with obstetrician/gynecologist Dr. Mickey Karram, one of the world’s leaders in the study and treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders using the latest non-surgical technologies, Liftique expanded its care of women with the formation of Liftique Blush.


“I never thought that I would be doing this after cancer,” says Kern. “But I’m so happy to be a part of something that I believe empowers women to embrace survivorship and life, whatever their personal circumstances, looking and feeling good about who they are and being confident about life ahead.”

Meryl most importantly is a mother of two and is so proud of her son, Matt and her daughter Lindsey.  "I love being with my 4 grandchildren who always remind me that life is always a laugh away!"


What Makes Us Different

Meryl Kern, Founder of Liftique, shares her heartfelt journey about starting Liftique and why she’s so passionate about helping women be the best they can be at the age they are.


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