Do you have trouble fitting into some of your favorite clothes?

Do you have stubborn fat that won't go away with dieting and exercise?

Do you try to cover up or hide loose arm skin, bra rolls or belly fat?


Do you have excess skin from a significant weight loss? 


Do you want a firmer, tighter body, without dieting, exercise, surgery or a long recovery time?

Then Liftique's SnapBack Lipo may be the answer for you!


Liftique SnapBack Lipo is a minimally-invasive procedure that contours your body by removing unwanted fat deposits from those hard to diet and exercise away places. The procedure also helps your skin snap back into place by firming and tightening your skin in the areas of fat removal to give you a more contoured, youthful, shapely appearance.  


Our customized SnapBack Lipo procedure addresses your specific “trouble spots,” including arms, abdomen, waist, bra rolls, hips, and thighs. 

Our Plastic Surgeons are committed to listening to your goals. They will work with you to sculpt your body so you can look your absolute best. We always want you to look natural, radiate beauty and feel confident! 


The Benefits of Liftique Body Procedures for our Patients:

  • Non-surgical. Minimally-invasive.

  • Local anesthesia options are available. No going under general anesthesia.

  • Minimal bruising for a faster recovery time.

  • Gentle fat removal allows for natural enhancement of other areas.

  • Customized treatments for your specific needs.


Liftique SnapBack Lipo Body Contouring:

Even with a good diet and regular exercise, some portions of body fat can't be eliminated. Also, excess fatty tissue can be hereditary. Liftique Body Contouring and Firming removes your stubborn fat deposits while tightening and firming loose skin for a naturally youthful appearance.


Liftique Body Shaping with Fat Transfer: 

During our body shaping procedure, Liftique gently removes your own fat so we can use it to enhance, shape and sculpt other areas of your body, such as your face, breasts, buttocks, and even the backs of your hands.


Liftique Mommy Makeover:

Our Mommy Makeovers are specially designed to improve the appearance of your body after childbearing. After pregnancy and weight loss, it is common for tummy and breast skin to become slack and saggy.  Liftique Mommy Makeovers are customized based on each patient's goals.  


The Liftique Mommy Makeover is a combined procedure that includes a breast lift and augmentation, a tummy tuck, and the reduction of side fat (love handles).


Liftique Arm Shaping, Lifting and Firming:

Using Liftique Minimally Invasive Technologies, the Liftique Arm Shaping Procedure removes and dissolves excess fat while tightening the skin under the arms. This procedure can help remove several inches of loose, hanging skin.

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