Liftique Procedure

The Liftique Procedure Can Change Your Life and Appearance in Newport Beach

The Liftique procedure is customized to each patient given what they want to acheive.

Liftique Facial procedures tighten, lift, firm and smooth your skin. Liftique Body procedures remove unwanted fat pockets and contour your body and Liftique Blush procedures provide vaginal tightening as well as help to regain bladder control and reduce vaginal dryness.

If are you interested in tightening the skin of your face or want to reduce cellulite, contact Liftique. 

Would you like to look younger by boosting collagen production and increasing the natural elastin in your skin, then make sure you talk to us at Liftique. At Liftique, we are a new, unique style of women’s health clinic. We have staff members that truly understand the difficulties that women face as they age. From crepey skin to cellulite that makes wearing shorts or t-shirts embarrassing, we know what you’re going through. Contact us today at by calling us at 1-844-454-3847 to find out how we can help you with the medical procedures you need to feel better about yourself.

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