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Get the Latest Liftique Price in Newport Beach

If you’re interested in Liftique price for face, body or blush, you need to talk to us at 1-844-454-3847. At Liftique, we’re a women's health clinic that is focused on providing women with the information they need to make positive choices about their health. We consider ourselves a new kind of health clinic and offer tele-medicine and in-office consultations. Our Newport Beach office provides many services, some of which are noninvasive and others of which are only minor surgeries or simple medications. We know that women struggle with many different types of health concerns, and we’re prepared to help. From pelvic floor dysfunction to a face lift without going under the knife, we can help you feel like yourself again. Our clinic is unique, and we know that we can help you understand the options. Call us today and set up a free consultation with our medical providers.

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